Timetrack Corporation


Welcome to my site. This is a place where I show a lot of my creative ideas and works; my website is constantly in development, but I hope you can enjoy looking around.


9.1.2023 Began making a lot of changes to the site. Changed the theme of the main site, planning on adding new buttons and another way to navigate pages.

7.23.2023 Updated a lot of pages slightly. Added new artwork, changed wording on some pages, added and removed some pages, etc.

6.23.2023 Updated Mythos' site.

6.17.2023 Updated Allen's intro.

6.10.2023 Removed 'OCs' page due to Toyhouse being used instead. Added new artwork. In process of removing unnecessary pages. Revamping shrines and introductions.

5.21.2023 Updated info and wording on multiple pages (OC + Interests + Intros + Art). Added new art and interests.

4.30.2023 New blog on Fahrenheit 451.

4.7.2023 Separated "Interests" page to only show my main interests. I put the rest of them on a new page, making it easier to read through them.

4.1.2023 Updating the layouts of different pages on the site. Blog page & shrine page now have mini descriptions. Art page is now divided by months. Updates now have shorter descriptions. Changed wording on a few pages & sorted a few files into new folders.

2.22.2023 New blog about Allegro.

2.21.2023 Added Just Roll With It shrine.

2.18.2023 Added Lobotomy Corporation shrine.

2.15.2023 Updated page about Allen.

2.12.2023 Added DOORS shrine.

10.9.2022 Added page about Allen.