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10.9.2022Allen's Gender
Here's a list of characters that share my gender! Cesar Torres (TMC) Roland (LOR) Road Home (LOR) Love and Hate (LOR) Mimicry (LOR) Nothing There (LC) 1.76 MHz (LC) O-03-88 (LC) CENSORED (LC) Arbiter Garion (LC) Binah (LC) Window (DOORS) Vincent (VTSOM) Albert (TWD...

10.5.2022Networking and Social Connectinon
Hey, hey. Thought I'd give this webpage thing a try. If there’s one piece of advice I could give to my younger self, it would be to not underestimate the importance of friends. Sounds cliche, I know. But social connection and relationships are an incomparable necessity...
Welcome! I'm a computer science major with a lot of aspirations. I enjoy art, animation, indie games, and game development. Feel free to take a look around! I hope you enjoy your time here~ For business inquiries, contact