Timetrack Corporation


I go by a lot of names, though you can call me "Timetrack." My username is limineonal, and most of my accounts will be under that username, though I'm not active on all of them.

I'm an adult in college, currently studying computer science and mathematics. Not entirely sure what I wanna do with my degree in the future, but I'm getting there.

I've always been interested art since I was young; I started drawing traditionally around 2014, and digitally around 2016. I'd like to think I made some progress, haha.

I was mainly a fanartist for years, but my friends helped encourage me to make my own characters. I focused on fanart until June 2021, where I started to make my own characters. I got pretty attached to making designs, and have been making more original character art since then.

I also grew up playing video games, which taught me a lot of invaluable lessons. These games have inspired me to make my own stories, and hopefully develop games in the future.

I hope that you can enjoy my work, and maybe even take some inspiration from it to make your own creations.